“I suffered from PTSD after an experience with sexual trauma and an orgasm while masturbating on mushrooms helped me to heal. After the assault, my power and sense of self-worth was stolen. It was accompanied by shame and disgust towards myself and my body, but the experience of masturbating on mushrooms reminded me that I was worthy of both love and respect. I found the practice to be spiritual and saw it as a way for me to connect more deeply with myself. When I orgasm on psychedelics, I contemplate every cell in my being. I feel every inch of my body and dissolve into the moment. l feel connected to the entire universe and I imagine the entire universe climaxing with me. Climaxing on mushrooms opened up my heart and allowed me to love myself again. I felt connected to God. I felt like I deserved love again. I felt like I was queen of the universe! I regained my power and control over my body, and through that, I was healed.”


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