“My first time doing Kambo was in Pisac, Peru. Held in the ‘healing room’, it was a one-on-one session with a practitioner from Hawaii who grew up with ayuvedic doctors as parents. It started with a 12 hour fast the day before. The next morning, I set my intentions and I gave my story; who I was and what I’d gone through up to this point in my life. We chanted, burned palo santo, puffed mapacho. Water, water, water, water…more water. After half an hour of grounding we began.

There were tiny burns made on my body and the kambo was placed in them. Within minutes I could feel my veins pulsing, ebbing and flowing, in and out. And then, the purge. I felt an intense wave of heat overwhelming my body. I vomited so much, filling up a bucket; the experience was heavily physiological. I became aware of every cell in my body. I felt like I was sweating and purging stagnation that had been there for years. After half an hour of this I laid down and was bathed in a chant from the practitioner. With breathwork, an intense euphoria came over me. Settling into the experience, I felt no anxiety, no worries, no fears, no thoughts…

The effects of the Kambo was present for days after. Those around me mentioned how I seemed more in my body, not knowing of the experience I endured. The kambo allowed me to shed a sense of self-doubt, shed worries, and prepared me to step into the roles that needed my attention. I felt settled into my body again. I felt re-calibrated.”


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