A psychedelic experience of William Leonard Pickard, one of two people convicted in the largest lysergic acid diethylamide manufacturing case in history:

“The present unfolded into the past. We saw the history of pain: the naked mothers with flesh hanging from their arms at Nagasaki, the cannibalism of children at Stalingrad, Nazi lampshades from tattooed human skin, the civil wars, the massacres by Cortez, the beheadings, quarterings, rackings, immolations, the drowning of witches, the self-devouring of hominids back through time and the first stone knives, then through carnivorous reptiles and protozoans feeding upon themselves.

Before us, the visual field reversed to caring, moving to futurity, where we saw aggregation of unicellular organisms, the descent of mammals tending live young, the heliotrapies of sun worshippers, the traditions of Judaism, the advent of Christ and Mohammed, the end of human sacrifices, the settling of the New World, primitive physicians among the wounded, priests and nuns salving the hungry, the signing of truces and cessation of world wars, the bans on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

The field reversed again, and the future of pain unraveled: the catastrophic nuclear events, the poisoned seas, mutated plants and animals, world-wide infectious diseases and weaponized anthrax and smallpox and virulent cancers, the unbreathable air. We witnessed the corrupted machine-like corporatocracies dominating fragmented human tribes like vermin, until ever word, every thought, every movement was tracked, filed, analyzed and predicted by anonymous overlords. We saw the end of the human species, the last woman suckling the last child at her necrotic breast.

The future field reversed into caring, and we saw healing medicines eliminating war, the genetic and pharmacological enhancement of cognition and altruism, the next human species brilliant and loving and tender and honoring the memory of the Old Ones.

‘Der Weltbewusstsein,’ he said, ‘the consciousness of the world.'”

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