“Sex is integral in so many aspects of well-being. It incorporates the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and social aspects of the self, and yet despite its importance it is often ignored in both mental health care and in our daily lives. Talking about sex is stigmatized, which in turn affects the treatment of sex related issues.

I am currently in a dual graduate program working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology, a masters in clinical psychology, and a masters in human sexuality. I am on a mission to fight against these stigmas by integrating sexuality into mental health and physical symptom treatments, as well as work to re-conceptualize the idea of sexual deviancy. In particular, I am interested in the treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunction, such as anorgasmia, dyspareunia and sex-related trauma. I also want to work on the stigma around kink and BDSM, and how ‘deviant’ sexual behavior can be integrated into healthy identity and wellness.

This work can be facilitated by the incorporation of psychoactive substances in therapy, such as marijuana for sexual pleasure and MDMA for the treatment of sex-related PTSD. Not only this, but the use of psychedelics can facilitate conversation around stigmatized topics and expand awareness and openness towards what is considered acceptable. To me, it is imperative that we fight against the stigma around psychedelic use, just as we fight against sexual stigma.”

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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