“I experimented with different psychedelics on and off for about 7-8 years. In that time I had profound experiences with psilocybin and LSD. They brought me to my knees in tears from the overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. They made me feel connected to something bigger than myself, a beautiful sense of oneness with everything that is.

I recently started micro dosing with LSD to help with my social anxiety, lack of focus and concentration. It’s been about 2-3 months and I’ve noticed a significant change in my social skills, becoming less trapped in my head with worries of others judging me for who I am. Micro dosing helps bring me into the present moment, allowing me to express myself confidently and effortlessly with compassion for others. I’ve also gained a higher sense of awareness to what is happening around me. Whether I’m studying, in class, or reading a book, my focus and attention is eagle sharp and I’m able to retain information quicker and with more ease.

Micro dosing has also helped my relationship with my fiancé. It helped me see the less-compassionate habits I’ve developed with her and gave me the confidence to address them while forming healthier patterns that supported our growth together. I feel that micro dosing has not only increased the speed at which my consciousness has been expanded, but how I’ve grown as a person.”

(Brooklyn, NY)

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